12 Bottles Club


Each year you will receive 4 shipments of wine.  Each shipment will contain 12 bottles of wine (usually 4 bottles of 3 types of wine).  That's about a case of wine every three months.  Not even a bottle a week (you need to subtract the 2 and carry the 1 to see how that works out).  A couple of reds, no whites (unless otherwise requested) a couple more reds and the box is full.



Basic CLUB 2901 benefits

  • Receive a 20% discount on wine and merchandise
  • Tasting Fees are waived for you and your guests
  • Pre-release notifications on reserve and library wine releases
  • Invitations to Club 2901 Members Only events - always at no charge (cause who doesn't love a party?)

One more reason to join at this level:

CLUB 2901 members at the 12 Bottle level will also be entitled to a 10% discount on Estate Rentals. 

And there's even more:

CLUB 2901 members at the 12 Bottle level will always receive free shipping.  Not only on Club 2901 shipments, but on ALL orders: day or night and rain or shine.


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